My obsession with stairs

StairsIn my research to design a tiny home that I think will suit my minimalist wanna be lifestyle, I’m constantly confronted with “loft” spaces. Although the idea of climbing a ladder harkens back to my days of building treehouses in my parents orchard, I’m not sure that is too practical as I enter my “golden years.”

Lets face it, a lot of us have to get up in the middle of the night to pee. Do I really want to navigate a ladder while half asleep? More important, I live with three rescue dogs that have slept in the bed every night since they moved in. A ladder will not work.

None the less I like to feature various solutions for getting up to a “loft space”

this one is unique- still don’t think it fits my needs, but I like that it is a take off of a traditional letter, a little more practical.

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