I’m Paul Kaplan-  I have a goal-  to live a minimalist lifestyle.

During this process, I have been doing extensive research-  from how do I get rid of all my junk, to what kind of Tiny Home could I live in?

I initially started tracking my research on my Facebook page.  (click here). I was a little shocked the amount of interest I received-  obviously I’m not alone in my passion to discover a more fulfilling minimalist lifestyle!  or maybe others just enjoy looking at tiny homes too.

My history-  I sell real estate in Palm Springs-  I have a degree in architecture-  I love design!  I grew up in a 4,000 SF home on a ranch.  I love gardening.  I love Airstreams.  I live with three rescue dogs.

I have a great life-  I’ve remodeled and sold numerous houses over the years-  its my passion.  In the process, I’ve moved about ten times more then the average person.  Each time, I go through the arduous chore of packing, unpacking, figuring out what I need, what I don’t, and schlepping it over to my new residence.

Until recently:

In the summer of 2012, I bought a cottage in Maine.  Living in Palm Springs, I was desperate for an escape to somewhere cool in the summer!  Why Maine? I’m still asking myself-  but none the less-  it was inexpensive and beautiful-  30 days later, I own a 540 SF cottage!IS1nywuakkbks21000000000

The next challenge?  Getting there with three 3 dogs!  the only logical way to get from California, was to get an RV and drive!

Here’s the lesson I learned along the way!  For 7 days, I lived in a self-contained 19′ RV-  with a tiny kitchen, a fold out bed, and basically my whole temporary life packed in a vehicle.  I realized, I was happy! Everything I needed was just inches away-  I was limited to what I could pack, so I learned to make due,,,,r-vision

When I got to Maine, I started remodeling my cottage-  being only 540 SF, it was a bit of a challenge-  but again-  shortly, I realized-  I don’t need much more space then this!

Upon returning to my 2000 sf home in California at the end of the summer, I realized-  why do I need such a big house?  I was happy in my RV, and my cottage?  Why not live tiny full time?

And thus my guest to be a minimalist started!!!!

As I realize more and more people are coming to this conclusion, that less is more,  I created this blog to track my findings-  to share with my fellow wanna-be minimalists!

Thanks for following along.



PS: Oh and if you ever decide you aren’t a minimalist but want to buy a lovely Palm Springs vacation home, please check out my business:

Paul Kaplan Group


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