Creative stairs

stairs two

Another interesting example of creative stairs to access your Tiny Home loft.  This one is interesting how it also includes valuable storage space.

I’d like to try walking up and down these, to see how difficult it is.  I’m also wondering if the addition of a hand rail may make stability a little safer?

This design was featured in Rocky Mountain Tiny Homes-  CLICK here for more info on the rest of their lovely abode!

My obsession with stairs

StairsIn my research to design a tiny home that I think will suit my minimalist wanna be lifestyle, I’m constantly confronted with “loft” spaces. Although the idea of climbing a ladder harkens back to my days of building treehouses in my parents orchard, I’m not sure that is too practical as I enter my “golden years.”

Lets face it, a lot of us have to get up in the middle of the night to pee. Do I really want to navigate a ladder while half asleep? More important, I live with three rescue dogs that have slept in the bed every night since they moved in. A ladder will not work.

None the less I like to feature various solutions for getting up to a “loft space”

this one is unique- still don’t think it fits my needs, but I like that it is a take off of a traditional letter, a little more practical.