Wood or white?

This Tumbleweed “Fencl” model shows a side by side comparison-  a wood interior or white  Which do you prefer?

You might not recognize this tiny house from the inside, but that’s the first Fencl (now Cypress 18 – Overlook) the Fisher family built in Colorado last December. This very Cypress was purchased by The Downtown Project in Las Vegas. For more information on Tumbleweed and this post, CLICK HERE  Also featured here in the Review Journal.  


Orcas Island Tiny House gem

Orcas Island CottageOne of my favorite Tiny Homes that I’ve discovered is this cabin by architect, David Vandervort. This one features refined finishes and millwork. It is located on Orcas Island, one of Washington’s San Juan Islands, surrounded by madrone trees and towering cedars.

The cabin is a 400 ft2 (37 m2) gable-roofed structure with lean-to extensions on either side. All four corner were notched out to create a cross-shaped floor plan. The corner notches are used for the entry porch, firewood storage and small covered sitting areas.

I love the interaction between indoors and outdoors. Although I’m often not fond of an all wood interior, there’s a simple elegance to this design. It is tops on my lists….partly due to the architecture as well as the location.

Could you live here?

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