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Located in Salem, Oregon,  ideabox’s motto is  to make  “affordable cool and fun houses.” For 20 years ideabox has been designing and building  houses. Their goal is to use  the prefab housing system to create cost-effective, imaginative, energy-efficient, modern housing with space-efficient layouts and high-quality materials.

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They’ve created a Tiny Home starting at 200 SF, called the “Minibox”  which provides a variety of different configurations and design options that the buyer can choose.  Prices start around $43,000

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What I was really attracted to was their project called “Cottages at Camelot.”  This consists of five ideabox homes located adjacent to an existing mobile home community in Eugene, Oregon.  Check out the sketch, which looks promising!  Could this me a 21st Century version of the mobile home park?


The model used is called “Northwest” and starts at 400 SF.  Per their website description, “The first thing we did with this design was look for wasted space. Hallways were the first to go. A galley kitchen, opposite a compact full bath, provides a pass-through from the living to the sleeping space. The separated living and sleeping spaces give a nice public/private division.”  The typical price is about $78,000.  A little pricey for the typical Tiny Home-  but for those looking to buy a prefab model, this may be a great option.

For more info on ideabox and other models, Click Here.

Floor plan

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Wood or white?

This Tumbleweed “Fencl” model shows a side by side comparison-  a wood interior or white  Which do you prefer?

You might not recognize this tiny house from the inside, but that’s the first Fencl (now Cypress 18 – Overlook) the Fisher family built in Colorado last December. This very Cypress was purchased by The Downtown Project in Las Vegas. For more information on Tumbleweed and this post, CLICK HERE  Also featured here in the Review Journal.