Portland Simple Tiny


Portland has recently become a hot bed for creative tiny home living and accessory dwelling units (ADU) , since they removed many fees required to build ADU’s in 2010, resulting in a recent spike in construction of the urban density icons.

The Sustainable Business Oregon (SBO) blog recently featured this stunning 160′ Tiny Home, by Mike Mercer and Laura Vincent.

The Tiny Home owners offered some interesting feedback with regard to life in their new home:

Image“For us, the most challenging part was moving in; figuring out what to bring in and what to sell. Honestly, the upsides have been significantly greater than any of the challenges. Well, OK, making the bed in the loft is a little tough on my knees,” says Mercer.


When asked for their advice, they commented, “Probably the greatest advice is to not do it on a whim. We didn’t make this choice out of necessity, it was a result of many factors: the strength of Laura’s and my relationship, our comfort with having less of our stuff around us and a desire for an adventure.”

To read more about the Mercer’s and Vincents, and the Sustainable Business Oregon site, click here.

Little Yellow

Yellow Door tinyFollow the journey of Ella Jenkin’s Tiny Home she affectionately calls, “Little Yellow.”  (How sweet is that??)

Here’s a brief description of her own story from her blog, Little Yellow Door.

Ella was a 23 year old musician and artist just out of college. She caught the tiny home bug, cuz like a lot of us, was infatuated with the practical coziness of tiny houses. After working and saving money she bought the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company’s 130 square foot Fencl plans and despite any carpentry experiences, built “Little Yellow.” Her blog details the various adventures and disappointments of building and living in a Tiny Home.

“I am in love with this house,” Ella Jenkins says. “It’s compact and contained–like a hug.”

Follow along with her Tiny Home life at Little Yellow Door.

yellow door 2

Tiny R(e)volution

tiny revolutionThere are a number of Tiny Home/Minimalists blogs that I follow.  Tiny Revolution is one of them.  As they describe it,  an Internet home for people interested in simple, minimalist living, and less square feet than most master bedrooms.

The author is quite creative in her posts-  humorous and informative.  I encourage you to follow the Tiny Home life of Andrew and Crystal Odom!