The “modern” Tiny Home


Tumbleweed Tiny House Company is a well know name in the Tiny Home world.  The founder, Jay Shafer (now with Four Lights Tiny Home Company), is attributed to jump starting the entire movement that is crossing the nation.

One of my favorite Tiny Home designs, is their “Mica” plan.


As described on Tumbleweed’s site,

“The Mica is our sleek and modern home. The hot rolled weathering steel siding separates this house from anything else. At 8 feet, 6 inches, the model maximizes living space without requiring any special permit to tow. In this floor plan, named the Clear, you experience one-level living complete with a full-sized bedroom, separate kitchen and bath, and great open views.”


Being a modernist and wanna-be minimal list, I’m attracted to the clean lines of this design.  I also think for my Tiny Home community plan that I hope to someday build in the desert near Palm Springs, the flat roof design makes sense-  less surface area for heat gain-.



For more information on this plan, CLICK HERE.

Yellowstone Travel Trailers

I’m fascinated by travel trailers-  the grandfather to the Tiny Home movement.   I love some of the vintage “canned ham” styled trailers, that aren’t as famous as the Airstream.  Yellowstone is a lesser-know company, and are one of my favorites, as featured on


Yellowstone Trailers:

Yellowstone‘s Slogan – “Good on the go and great when you get there”

In 1945, Elmer Weaver organized the Yellowstone Coach Co. in Wakarusa. The Yellowstone travel trailer was built and sold in Wakarusa Indiana. Yellowstone trailers were well built and the travel trailer of choice for carnival employees.


Manufacturer Information

Yellowstone was one of the very few companies that didn’t venture into the larger type mobile homes. Here is their 1955 23-footer with 1-bedroom with complete bathroom and kitchen.


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